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Don't just look at the pain points of price analysis for micro-projectors
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The author has tested more than ten kinds of micro-projectors, and has used LED micro-projectors in different Spaces for a long time. For micro technology development and actual performance of the projector has certain say, if asked what the author is mini projector is indeed more serious problems in the user, so the noise and the optimization of the picture color the two problems more let a person feel helpless.

Don't just look at the pain points of price analysis the application of micro-projectors

Due to the use of LED light source, this kind of light source has a large amount of heat. In the small space of the mini projector, a fan is naturally required for heat dissipation. However, due to the small space, the diameter of the fan cannot be too large, so only high speed can be used to enhance the heat dissipation capacity, which is the fundamental reason for the noise of the micro-projector.

The micro - projector is noisy. The micro - projector is noisy

Although many micro projectors use metal body and other design to enhance the cooling effect, but the fan can not be removed. We actually in the use of mini projector, many occasions is more sensitive to noise, such as bedroom, if the mini projector on the bedside table, so you can't ignore its noise.

If the bedroom is two people, a person want to go to bed early, but another person also want to look for a while, if the volume of the small video, noise can appear prominent, influence another person's sleep. So the author thinks that the problem of noise is actually more prominent. If it's in the living room, the noise is fine.

Color temperature is not the source or brightness is not enough

There is another problem that I think is worth paying attention to. That's the color of the microprojector. Because the LED light source is not bright enough at present, many brands adopt the mode of high color temperature, which makes the color of the micro-projector actually not correct. Although many micro-projectors are advertising the high color range of LED light sources, the advantages of high color range are not reflected due to the color irregularity.

Color contrast between the original image and the color contrast of some micro-projectors

So the basis of color is actually brightness, brightness enough to talk about the color range, color accuracy and color temperature, finally can have a good picture performance. Nowadays, many micro projectors have improved the brightness slightly and have made a lot of optimization in the projector system, such as color temperature adjustment and lens aperture adjustment. In this way, the picture of the micro-projector is brighter, but the picture is bluer and the low contrast is more prominent.

Basically, the micro projector adopts the setting of cold color temperature


In fact, the micro-projector can be color adjustment good, the author has seen some color performance better products, but the actual measurement of the brightness of these products do not give power. To sum up, the biggest problem of the micro-projector is actually the light source. If the brightness of the light source is really improved, it is believed that the color performance will be greatly improved.

As to the problem of noise, we can actually look, so many users buy mini projector, actually did not particularly care about the volume of a product, because the mini projector started its tiny, but now the basic are fixed in the home use. The need for smaller sizes is not so urgent. As long as the volume is larger, the problem of noise can be effectively solved.

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