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What "new trend "will the projector circle usher in in in 2018?
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As early as a few years ago, the health that shield an eye series display began to fire, which focuses on the main reduce harmful blue light and the splash screen is given priority to, the harm of eyes became the target of the display that shield an eye. However, the same as the display equipment projector market, but did not follow up in time. However, in recent days, as the PC vendor acer, the new idea that Shield an eye to health, released in Taiwan main Bluelight shields blu-ray function of projector series products, ShiYao to blow a projection boundary the eye of the wind.

What "new trend" will the projector circle usher in in in 2018?

With the increase of consumers' awareness of eye care and self-protection awareness, more and more attention has been paid to eye care products. However, in addition to the most familiar of 3 c products, such as smart phones, pen in hand, tablets after play with electrical office or playing games, the use of the projector on the big screen for a marathon meeting or enjoy shock movie, in the process of contact blue because of the shorter wavelength with larger energy, damage to the eyes, dry eyes, easy to tear in addition to the common and floaters, may also cause macular lesion or cataract, serious and even blindness.

For this, acer first published in Taiwan health the new idea that shield an eye, 2018 new projector is carrying a AcerBluelightShield filter blue eye, can reduce up to 30% the amount of blue light out, reduce the user's blue light exposure, slow blu-ray adverse health effects.

What"new trend"will the projector circle usher in in in 2018?

And the projector has three levels of filters, which can dynamically adjust to different fields. The amount of blue light will be adjusted to the best state according to the projection content, and the damage to eyes will be minimized. And Acer LumiSense wise perception function, can adjust, dynamic smart projection content frame by frame analysis, the reduction of image resolution, then dynamically adjust image visibility to the best state, the dark scene performance better, the details clearly.

Learned, acer this two big series seven versions, including work entertainment has both the value of the projector X1 series, main connection multivariate convenient, 3600-3700 Gao Liuming brightness, show sharp and clear, the details are rich not careless: X118H, X128H, X138WH, X168H resolution range SVGA, XGA, WXGA, WUXGA offer business owners the most diverse selection meets the projection of the different business environment to build exclusive quality.

The other is can meet the demand of home theater, emphasized audio function specification, high resolution H6 series: H6521BD, H6540BD, H6526BD all built-in 3500 Gao Liuming WUXGA resolution and brightness, easily enjoy large size at home theater stage experience. Seven new projection brightness is up to more than 3500 Gao Liuming, even under the indoor environment of use during the day, also can clear and vivid images from a distance projection to the big screen, can meet the demand of home and business briefing and screenings.

Acer, the launch of new products, for users to bring a multiple choice, from introduction to bargain to home theater all, including H6540BD with high brightness, high resolution and multiple connections, equipped with audio level 10 w high specifications speakers and low latency input, no matter at home or abroad to enjoy work briefing accurately present the real colour, live business combination. The new products all contain Acer LumiSense intelligent perception function, which can automatically adjust the best image state. They are expected to be sold in 2018, with prices ranging from 10900 yuan to 25900 yuan.

In addition, Acer EcoProjection is a complete set of environmentally friendly power management solutions built into Acer's entire series of projectors, which can reduce standby power consumption by 90% (from 5W to 0.5w). Auto - ECO function, make the projector automatically when no signal input for five minutes into the environmental protection model, highest can save 70% of its electricity, makes the service life of the light bulb, the highest can be extended to 12000 hours. Provide users with the longest projection experience, reduce the cost of bulb loss and repair costs.

Nowadays, people are enjoying the advantages of electronic devices and also begin to pay close attention to the healthy development of body and mind, with the development of technology and mature, alleviate or even eliminate side effects the development of science and technology has brought about is indispensable in the past, so it is imperative to the development and popularization of the technology of eye to become, it will also become the manufacturer improve the competitiveness of an important factor.

After projectors become more and more popular, eye protection will undoubtedly become the focus of attention. In recent years, the projection industry has made new progress in technology, which has become a stumbling block. Especially in recent years, the projection market of business education has not been innovative except for slight changes in parameters. The emergence of acer's new vision for eye care has created excitement for innovation and upgrading in the industry as well as a new eye care experience for users.

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