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How do I buy a home projector
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With the introduction of back projection and plasma TV into the home, the most widely used projectors in the commercial and education industries are gradually entering the home. Compared with high-end TV products, the projector has obvious advantages, namely the big picture, brightness is good, can be compatible with a variety of video signal, and the size is not restricted, light weight, but also has the advantages of no radiation.

For ordinary families, there is often a lack of certain understanding on the indicators and product quality of projectors. It is easy to cause investment waste and even decision-making mistakes when purchasing. So, how to choose and buy a reasonable price, function applicable home projector? It should include technical indicators and selection categories, etc. :

1. Know how to install and use the projector

Before purchasing the projector, the general user should be familiar with the use of the projector. When the projector is used, it can be divided into forward projection of mesa, forward projection of ceiling ceiling ceiling, back projection of mesa, back projection of ceiling, back projection of integrated box, etc. Forward projection refers to the projector on the same side of the audience. Backside projection is the way that the projector and the audience are at opposite ends of the screen (in this case, the backside projection screen is required). If fixed installation is required, you can choose to use the ceiling, but you must pay attention to dust prevention and heat dissipation. Therefore, it is the * step of purchasing to determine the type of machine purchase according to the use environment.

Some tips for using projectors:

A. Be sure to wait 2-3 minutes for the fan to stop working, and then turn off the power or unplug the power cord.

B. Before the cooling fan stops running, please do not always turn the power on to the closed position, and do not unplug the power cord.

C. after using the projector for 40 hours, it is best to clean the bottom dust cover.

D. When using projectors with physical projection, you must press the UNLOCK key when you receive the projection arm, otherwise it will destroy the internal switch of the physical projection arm, making the physical projection unusable.

E. do not block the bottom and rear vents of the projector. Do not place the projector on soft supports (such as sofas, beds, etc.) to ensure smooth ventilation.

F. Please do not adjust the electric lens by hand.

2. Moderate brightness and contrast

Brightness is an important index to measure the performance of projectors. Brightness is the intensity of light that the projector outputs to the screen. High brightness can make the projector project images clear and bright, but the higher the brightness, the more expensive it is. High brightness projectors are harsh to use in small environments (under 50 square meters), causing eye fatigue, and long-term viewing can cause eye redness and swelling or worse. Because this is different according to the specific of sitting room area, the brightness of domestic projector of choose and buy is in 500 reach 1000 lumens commonly. Too high or too low is not suitable for lighting in a dark environment.

Contrast and brightness are factors considered in relation. Contrast is the ratio between the brightness of the brightest and darkest areas projected by the projector. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast is, the image is clear and striking, and the color is bright and colorful. If the contrast is low, the picture looks pale and gray. Brightness and contrast are linked, and if the brightness is between 500 and 1000 lumens, the contrast should be above: 1.

3. Choose a projector with the right resolution

Projectors, like digital cameras and digital cameras, have a quality of image based on resolution. The resolution of digital projector is divided into XGA level, i.e. 1024X768dpi. SVGA level, namely 800X600dpi; The SXGA rating, or 1280X1024dpi, is now a major trend in the 1920 x 1080dpi 1080P (KUPA P2 is 1080P laser TV). Note that the higher the resolution, the more expensive it is. There is also a compatible resolution, which is one step higher than its physical resolution. Like DC and DV, the higher the resolution, the clearer the image of the projector and the higher the price. Although say SVGA effect have been able to meet the needs of the family, but from a long-term point of view, if economic conditions allow, best buy physical resolution 1080 p projector, it shows the effect of the more clear, bright beautiful.

4. Pay attention to the projection distance

For home users, living area is very limited, and the installation of the distance between the projector to the screen is not too big, so for the household environment of space is narrow, the projection distance become one of the important conditions of the projector of choose and buy, users should compare different projector in the same project under the diagonal dimension of the projection distance, rather than numb specification table on the project "the shortest distance".

5. Consumables and after-sales service

For the projector, the light bulb is its only consumable material. Its life is directly related to the service cost of the projector. Also note that the different brands projector bulbs are generally not used interchangeably, so buy the projector should choose to buy famous brand projector, so that we can enjoy after-sales service. At the same time after the end of the purchase should be timely signed with the business after sales service contract or get warranty certificate to avoid the use of projector worries. Also can choose and buy cold light projector such as KUPA's LED projector and laser projector, this kind of projector light source life is longer, normal use need not replace, can save a lot of cost.

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